Why is your donation so important?

Destitute children will have a future and become leaders in their communities. OFT works with each community to meet their needs, and this approach will build a successful, sustainable future.

Why is your support so important?

Your support spreads the news about the work that OFT is doing. It is really important to us, because it broadens the community of Canadians who care about the future of Tibet and its people.

Based on Buddhist values, all those who work for OFT including the executive, are volunteers. The corporate office is the kitchen table of our President, Jurme Wangda. This ensures that your donations go to the projects.

There are several ways you can donate:

Should you wish to donate specifically to the Chyssem Project, please follow this link.

For all of the payment options listed below, you must provide your name, email and mailing address in order to recieve a tax receipt.

  • PayPal/credit card: Please include your mailing address.
  • e-transfer to In the e-transfer comments/message field or in a separate email to, please provide your name, email and mailing address.

  • By cheque with your email address and mailing address.
    Cheque payable to The Ottawa Friends of Tibet
    400 Piccadilly Ave. North
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1Y 0H4
  • You may also donate an article for our silent auction at the annual fundraising dinner or campaign. To do so, please contact OFT at 613-736-6942 or


In January of the following year, OFT will issue all tax receipts in the donor's name and mailing address via the email address provided.


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- His Holiness the Dalai Lama