Project : The Tara Mandala Seniors Home in Kalimpong


This beautiful GREEN TARA statue has been installed in the prayer room of the Tara Mandala Seniors home in July. This gift from Ottawa Friends of Tibet was purchased by President Jurme Wangda when he was in Kathmandu in the spring. Such a wonderful religious statue, has a great deal of meaning for the seniors living in our home. Green Tārā, (Syamatara) is known as the Buddha of enlightened activity, compassion, peace and protection. She is the "Mother Earth" goddess who helps us to remain centered in meditation assisting us to transform consciousness to enlightenment.

Tara Statue
2016 - Residents using the Prayer Room today...


In 2014, the 3rd floor construction was completed, adding more two person bedrooms and most importantly, a prayer room with an altar. In Vancouver in October, OFT’s president Jurme Wangda, presented the completed papers to HH Dalai Lama. Twelve years of fundraising by dedicated volunteers, made a dream come true!

Third floor construction in progress in summer of 2014.

Freshly painted, the new prayer room is ready for the altar to be installed.

The kitchen serves healthy meals to residents in the dining hall.

25 two person bedrooms, are immaculately clean and cheerful.

The kind nurse is like a daughter to the elderly, and takes care of them in an infirmary, nurses room and dispensary.

Angela with the nurse Dawa Dolma.
Angela Wangda, Vice President of OFT, visits the seniors outside their bedrooms. Jurme Wangda, OFT’s President, hangs out with the men.

As of 2012...

OFT truly understands the necessity of building a home for senior Tibetans in the Kalimpong area. Here the aging population of people who escaped from Tibet in the 1950’s is made up of many senior citizens who have medical as well as financial problems. It is essential that they have a home that is a warm, solid shelter with medical facilities nearby, such as the Tibetan Medical Clinic providing traditional Tibetan Medicine, a Health Department Clinic providing Western Allopathic Medicine, and a local clinic that specializes in heart disease. As for the social component, directly beside the proposed building site stands the Tibetan community hall, where a multitude of events and ceremonies take place. A short two minute stroll to the north leads to the Kalimpong Bazaar Street.


February 2012 at the official opening of the Tara Mandala Seniors Home.

February 2012 at the official opening of the Tara Mandala Seniors Home.

February 2012 at the official opening of the Tara Mandala Seniors Home.
Honoured Guest, the General Secretary of Home Affairs in the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala, unveils the plaque, gives khatas to the senior residents, and makes the official speech.

View from the kitchen window.

View of the Tara Mandala Seniors Home

One of the seniors enjoying the sun in front of the Seniors Home.

This is the second level veranda. They keep it neat and clean.

As of October 2011...

Wheelchair accessible ramp

Dining hall sink

As of February 2011...

His Holiness the Dalai Lama has named the Kalimpong Home, "Yolu kopai Geso-khang," which means the Tara Mandala Seniors Home "Ornamented with Turquoise Leaves," the mandala of Bodhisattva Tara. The Office of His Holiness the Dalai Lama (HHDL) donated the land on which, the home stands.

Click here to see a letter from HHDL regarding this Seniors Home project.

Letter from Tenzin Topjor, Welfare section, Department of Home


August 20th, 2009: Site under construction
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Kalimpong construction site picture Kalimpong construction site picture


The piece of land where Kalimpong Senior's Home was built.

Kalimpong construction site picture Kalimpong construction site picture

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