Project: The Maitreya Foundation

2021 Update

Self-study is necessary when classes are done via Zoom. These two Maitreya students are motivated and disciplined. Tibetan classes in the Maitreya Home have continued in the evenings. It is important for students to learn to read and write Tibetan in order to pass on the culture to the next generation.
Senior student Nyima Dorjee, who has lived at the Maitreya Home since early childhood, gets his first vaccination shot. Students and staff are all being vaccinated. Ms. Yankey is studying for her exams. The staff has worked hard to help students adjust to the new world of COVID-19.

These photos were taken during Bonnie and Robin Cappuccino’s September 2019 visit to the Maitreya home. This hostel makes it possible for Tibetan refugee students to get a college or university education in Delhi India.

A new permanent Maitreya Home has been built in Delhi. The three floors and a covered roof for activities and exercise give them more living space. Manager Tendak teaching the Tibetan language class.
Yoga on the roof is a daily practice. Child Haven’s Bonnie Cappuccino (centre back row with red jacket) and Robin Cappuccino (2nd right back row with blue shirt) visited the home to meet the students and their supervising monks.

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