Project: The Maitreya Foundation

The children celebrate in the new Maitreya Home. The three floors and a covered roof for activities, give them more living space.

Thanks to a generous Child Haven donor, the 24 children under the care of Dakpa Rinpoche (back left in the saffron robe), have a new permanent home.

Food preparation in the new kitchen.

Lovely new beds and furniture in the children’s bedrooms.

They all speak Tibetan very well, and receive instruction in reading and writing Tibetan at the Home. The older children had an easy time reading the Tibetan novels and short stories, which Bonnie Cappuccino brought. The younger ones looked forward to having the Tibetan stories read to them.

Honoured guests, including Bonnie Cappuccino and Dakpa Rinpoche (centre back), celebrate with the first high school graduates from the Maitreya Home. These students will go on to college and OFT will contribute to the scholarships needed for further their education.

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