Project: Nhenang Palden Pawo Monastery

The Spiritual Master of this Monastery, 11th Pawo Rinpoche, was born in Tibet, but is not allowed to leave Tibet. Without a spiritual master living in the Nepal Monastery, financial difficulties developed because donors do not visit for his blessings. Jurme Wangda visits the Monastery regularly to help with the education of the young monks. OFT’s annual financial support help to provide housing, food and education for the young monks who live there.

2021 Update

HH the Dalai Lama has emphasized for a long time that RECYCLING is an important action in order to face the climate emergency. This unique recycling project was initiated at the Monastery, which is supported by OFT. Worn out sleeping mat covers were replaced and a room full of the wool stuffing was recycled. They are turning old shabby sleeping mats into new clean ones!
Look at the great results from their efforts and upholstery skills! Our young monks have grown and many are becoming teenagers. With Zoom they can participate in the important religious teachings and prayers from their spiritual leader in India.
The Monastery continues to test the monks for COVID19 and they have prepared an isolation room with an oxygen machine, should they need it.


Young monks cleaning the street outside the Monastery during Covid-19.


With their Covid-19 masks on, the monks work hard to clean the street.


A major annual celebration at the monastery is the birthday of Pawo Rinpoche, their spiritual leader. Since Pawo Rinpoche cannot leave Tibet to visit them, this celebration has great importance to the monks, bringing them closer to their spiritual master. The monks work hard to create beautiful altars of offerings in honour of Pawo Rinpoche.

Young monks return from a grocery shopping trip.


Altars are prepared with offerings to celebrate the birthday of Pawo Rinpoche.


The Buddha altar is prepared with photos of HH the Dala Lama and HH the Karmapa. Butter lamps, water and rice offerings in silver bowls and auspicious objects are laid at the feet of Buddha.


An altar to Pawo Rinpoche is decorated with his photo and in front, 7 bowls offering water, rice and a butter lamp.


Guru Rinpoche statue by altar.


Puja, reading of prayers during Pawo Rinpoche’s birthday celebration.


7 offerings of water with floating lotus around a butter lamp before Pawo Rinpoche’s statue


Games are part of the birthday celebration.

To learn more about Pawo Rinpoche and the Nhenang Monastery go to


View of the beautiful traditional architecture of the Monastery from the courtyard.


Angela visiting Monastery roof in 2019.


Jurme with teacher of Rituals and Pujas and a visiting Monk who shared teachings with the Monastery.


Monks cleaning the well tank to improve the water quality.


Technicians clean the well pump.


Young monks washing the temple dog.


Young monk having his head shaven.


Young monks studying in their class with their teacher.


After hard work the young monks relax by playing badminton.


Jurme Wangda leaving Monastery after his visit in 2019.


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