In consultation with Central Tibetan Relief Committee in Dharamsala, India, OFT has decided to concentrate its efforts on three important projects in India, Nepal and Tibet.

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OFT’s Independant Projects

Nhenang Palden Pawo Monastery in Nepal

This monastery in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, provides a home and education for 24 monks, aged 8 to 20. In our modern world, monasteries have an important role preserving the Tibetan culture, history, language and writing, as well as religion.

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University Scholarship Program in India for Tibetan Students

In 2015-2016, OFT initiated a Scholarship program to provide $3,000 US for the first year tuition fees of three students, chosen by the Department of Education in Dharamsala. This financial support will continue until they complete their studies, in their University degree program. High marks and attendance in classes is required.

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Tara Mandela Seniors Home in Kalimpong India - A Dream Come True

Third Floor Construction Completed in 2014

Over the past 12 years, OFT raised $200,000 to build this Seniors’ Home. A grant of $1000 in recognition of this achievement, was awarded by Friends of Peace, Ottawa in 2013. Now 50 poverty stricken Tibetans have a home and loving staff to care for them. A new standard has now been set for elder care in India!

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Projects in Partnership with Child Haven International

The Maitreya Foundation

The Maitreya Home near Delhi, India provides care and education for 24 orphaned or destitute children of Tibetan lineage. After many years in rental locations, a new home was constructed in 2014. Many of the children are now high school and college students, therefore scholarships are needed for tuition fees and books.

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Scholarships in Tibet

OFT supports scholarships for high school and college education for poverty-stricken Tibetan students, living in Tibet.

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