Project: Scholarships in Tibet

This is the Child Haven home in Tibet, with solar cookers, back when we had children there. The Chinese Government has removed the children from all the private orphanages and taken them to a government orphanage. The community is developing plans for the building and the shiny solar cookers.

Bonnie Cappuccino is visiting Suu Yang Ani in Tibet. Like many Buddhist nuns, she became homeless, when her convent was closed by government authorities. Child Haven has provided her with some financial support for many years, to supplement the small income she receives as a spinner and seamstress.

Karma Kelsang, grew up at the home and has finished school. He is now working in a restaurant opposite the home. OFT is happy to see young adults becoming independent.

Another of our young people, Tashi Yangzom, is studying tailoring and helping with the little children in the community.

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- His Holiness the Dalai Lama