Project: Scholarships in Tibet

OFT and Child Haven International (CHI) now sponsor the education and care of 12 children in Tibet.

Bonnie Cappuccino is visiting Suu Yang Ani in Tibet. Like many Buddhist nuns, she became homeless, when her convent was closed by government authorities. Child Haven has provided her with some financial support for many years, to supplement the small income she receives as a spinner and seamstress.


Dolgar’s father, a teacher in the Nhenang’s village elementary school was fired because his mastery of the Chinese language was considered inadequate. His work as a farm labourer can’t provide for the needs of his 3 children. OFT and CHI provide some living support and help with school fees.


Dolma Yishi, who is in grade 11, lost her father. OFT and CHI provide living assistance and support for school books, uniform and supplies. She lives with her grandparents in the village of Nhenang.


Yishi is from the village of Nhenang. Her father passed away and she is studying accounting. Her mother works as a farm laborer when work is available.


Lamzo is in Grade 10 and has no father.


Tsering Dorje’s father abandoned his family in the village. Tsering is the oldest child and studying to be able to support his mother in the future.


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